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Bambillo AU

Perfect Fit Silk Duvet

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Exquisite pure AAA Grade Mulberry Silk filled Duvets are especially suitable for keeping your temperature regulated throughout the night and are an ideal alternative for those sensitive to wool, down or synthetics.

100% natural & organic silk is a natural insulator. Even on the coldest nights, find comfort in knowing you will be sleeping under a light and Huffy cloud of pure AAA Grade Mulberry Silk which traps in the warmth without being weighed down. On summer nights the silk fleece draws surplus heat away, keeping you cool and comfortable.

The soft, Huffy silk filling contains Sericin, a naturally occurring mould and mildew resistant protein along with several kinds of amino acids, which draw out moisture and release it through the silk. So there is no haven for dust mites. Silk is naturally hypo-allergenic to prevent allergies.

Silk will not deteriorate over time because of it1s natural fungal repellence and because chemicals are not used in processing.