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Perfect Fit™ by Bambillo®

Perfect Fit Pillow


Is your pillow letting you down? Sagging, losing support, so you’re constantly fluffing and adjusting it throughout the night?

Introducing the Perfect Fit Pillow with the revolutionary interactive support system. It instantly adapts to any shape, weight and movement and cradles the head for amazing comfort and support.

Plus It holds an amazing 6.3 litres of re-circulated air. Every time you move your head it replaces the hot uncomfortable air with fresh cool air for a better nights sleep.

Cottony soft and super supportive the Perfect Fit pillow is favoured for people waking with neck issues - and for those who sleep too hot in the night.

 *Pillows and Toppers are covered by the Standard 1 Year Warranty | 10-Year Warranty applicable only for Beds.