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Cool Comfort Pillow by Bambillo


Sleep Deeper, and wake up rested with the fully customizable Cool Comfort Pillow. Unzip the outer and inner layer to remove the real memory foam one handful at a time until you reached your desired comfort level. The outer cover is machine washable so your pillows stays clean and your skin stays clear and healthy.

Bambillo Cool Comfort Pillow is the premier customizable, adjustable, machine washable pillow. Our tri-density memory foam blend is unlike regular memory foam, which will not move and mold with your body as you toss and turn through the night. Our Ice silk fabric stays cool through the night and our hypoallergenic bamboo viscose stays dry to wick moisture for hot nights and night sweats. It is also antimicrobial naturally, which means it stays clean and smells fresh longer - leaving you feeling refreshed and well rested in the morning. 

Measurements & dimensions

Standard/Queen: 45cm x 65cm


Bamboo viscose Side

100 Ice Silk Gel Side

Premium Memory Foam Pillow