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Contour Legacy Leg Pillow


Do you spend the night trying to get comfortable? Your knees rub bone on bone, your back and hips ache, you wake up in pain. Not any more… Introducing the Contour Legacy Leg Pillow. The patented, ergonomically designed, tapered leg pillow that naturally fits the contours of your legs, knees and thighs to help align your spine and alleviate pain.

The Contour Leg Pillow cushions your knees and cradles your legs, relieveing stress on joints while restoring your lower back alignment. The anatomical design perfectly fits the shape of your body the way nature intended. The ventilated design means it always stays cool and dry and the top crescent design means it cuddles up to you and easily moves with you.

No More Waking Up With A Sore Back!

Perfectly Aligns Your Spine To Alleviate Lower Back And Hip Discomfort





  • Memory foam leg pillow
  • Aligns hips, legs and spine
  • All night comfort & support
  • Unique tapered design for optimal
  • Fits natural curve of your legs
  • Stabilizes the pelvis and lower back
  • Restores your natural alignment
  • Reduces pressure on knees, hips & lower back
  • Doctor recommended
  • Innovative design keeps you cool all night
  • Holds its shape
  • Stays with you all night
  • Removable, washable cover

No Other Pillow In The World Shaped Like It!

  • 1. Contoured Comfort

    Thick, curved top hugs thighs & keeps spine, hips, and legs perfectly aligned

    2. Cooler

    Ventilated to stay cool & dry

  • 3. Tapered

    Tapered edges allow knees to have full range of motion

    4. Never Loses Shape

    Super soft memory foam maintains shape

All Night Comfort

  • For Everyone

    Legacy helps everyone sleep more comfortably
  • Double Comfort

    Use two together to align your entire lower body
  • Head To Toe Relief

    Use with the memory foam head pillow for full body support

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