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Sleep styles and their interpretations

Sleep styles and their interpretations

It’s far from scientific, but the position you sleep in has been linked to personality traits, similar to horoscopes. Check yours out and see if it’s a match!


Even for grown adults, this is the most popular sleeping position, favoured by approximately 45% of the population most nights. It is said that those who sleep curled up have a tough exterior, but a shy and sensitive soul. Foetal sleepers tend to be deep thinkers who are prone to worry.


This is the least favoured sleeping position, which is lucky, as it makes snoring more likely! The starfish sleeper lies on their back with their legs outstretched, their arms and hands up by their heads as though commanded by a bank robber. Starfish sleepers are said to be the most loyal friends, always willing to lend a hand to those in need.


Soldier sleepers lie flat on their backs with their arms by their sides in a straight, closed stance. People who sleep in this position are said to be silent, serious and intolerant of frivolity. They expect perfection and may be unwilling to compromise.


As though falling from the sky, the freefaller snoozes on their stomach, cheek to the pillow, arms encircling it. Freefallers are said to be open, friendly and playful. These extroverted types can sometimes get themselves into strife by being too direct, yet they are sensitive to criticism. Freefaller sleepers hide an inner anxiety and need to control behind their sunny and gregarious demeanours.


Log sleepers lie on their sides, with straight legs and arms. Unlike the soldier however, log sleepers are relaxed and sociable types who get on with people from all walks of life. Log sleepers can be very trusting, which can make them seem a bit naïve.


This position is similar to the log, but with arms outstretched in front. People who sleep in this position are said to possess the conflicting traits of warmth and openness coupled with suspicion and cynicism. Yearner sleepers can take a long time to make decisions, and they can be stubborn and unyielding.

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