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7 ways to prepare a restful bedroom

It might sound simplistic, but one of the best ways to create a restful sleeping area is to keep your bedroom entirely focused on sleep and intimacy. With this dual purpose in mind, the room can be designed to promote relaxation and connectedness.
Here are 7 ways to make your bedroom more restful.
Ban all electronic devices
It’s best to avoid the brightly lit screens of electronic devices for two hours before bedtime, and even e readers have a blue light which can interfere with the release of melatonin, delaying sleep onset.

Ban reminders of work
Keep work related items out of the bedroom, as reminders of work make it harder to switch off. The same goes for text books if you’re a student, or anything else that causes you stress. This could include family photos, depending on your family dynamics. Such items, while important, are best kept in another room of the house.
Choose a peaceful colour scheme
The link between colours and mood state is evidence-based. Research has shown the most relaxing colours include pale blue, light yellow, baby pink and soft green.
Banish clutter
It’s not relaxing to be surrounded by mess, in fact studies have shown that clutter increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Keep your sleeping space clutter-free. Make use of draws and cupboards so that everything is tidied away before bedtime.
Invest in quality bedding
High thread count sheets cost a little more, but pay dividends in comfort and sensuality.
Install dimmers on lights
As it draws closer to sleep time, dimming the lights helps with the process of winding down for the night. It can also be a romantic signal, if you’re sharing your room with someone special.
Make your room smell nice
A room that smells good is a room you’ll be happy to spend time in. Opt for subtle scents rather than anything overpowering. Scented citrus oils such as orange or lemon lend a freshness to your sleeping space, while vanilla and lavender are good choices to promote sleep.

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